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Cuisine of Texas Highlights Top Restaurants, Top Chefs and Amazing Dishes. . .Subscribe to your Cities Monthly Online Magazine and Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out!

Sign Up for Our Onile Magazine Here and Get Automatically Enrolled in Our Monthly Giveaways!

Are You a “Foodie?”

Do you love and appreciate cooking, eating and experiencing fine cuisines?

Cuisine of Texas has been around for over a decade as a print magazine featured in high-end hotels across Texas. We specialize in bringing attention to the best of the best, we focus on top local establishments creating amazing food in their communities.

We welcome you to subscribe to our monthly magazine for your city or receive a few issues from the cities of your choosing.  You will also find some great articles, tips from great chefs, highlighted home chefs, give aways and more.

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Does Your Restaurant Belong in Our Publication?

When You Just Know . . . Your Serving Up Something Great!

We are looking for cuisines that are a cut above, we are looking for restaurants that truly deliver a great dish, located off the beaten path, attached to a hotel, smaller than you would like, operating out of a food truck or located in a high traffic area in our featured cities….we only care about the experience!

Our online and print Cuisine Magazine reaches hundreds of thousands of local and out-of-town guest, that are like us, love great food, love a great experience and appreciate a culinary work of art. If you are looking for a creative way to introduce your cuisine to people that truly appreciate great food, you can learn more  about our publications, pricing structures and how we are connecting you to your future guests here.

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Recipes From Our Chefs, That You Can Make At Home

You can browse hundreds of recipes in just about every type of cuisine, along with an easy filter option  to find the perfect protein, salad, soup or dessert. 

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