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It’s not just advertising . . . IT IS A PROFESSIONAL INTRODUCTION!

Cuisine of Texas provides a one of a kind experience for both restaurants and our subscription base, that truly loves experiencing great food.

Our Subscription Base Enjoys:

  • Receive our monthly publication on restaurants in their area as well as any other locations they have chosen
  • Presented with high quality, professional design for each restaurant they are viewing
  • Given quick links on every page from tap to call phone numbers, a link to the menu, a link for reservations and a link for Google maps
  • Embedded Videos, for quick easy viewing through our publications
  • Industry related articles covering food, local food events, chef tips and much more
  • Monthly promotions, giveaways, gift cards and event tickets

The Restaurants We Serve:

  • Are connected directly with an audience that want to see their advertisement / introduction
  • Layout and Design included with the monthly listing
  • All listings only offer conversion based links and phone numbers (No Social Media)
  • True analytics delivered monthly on clicks from phone, menu, reservations, maps and videos when applicable
  • Reservation links are directed to your site and never direct connected to any reservation platform.
  • Offers an excellent opportunity to advertise directly to the community serve with our local subscription base.
  • By design we also reach out to those that will be traveling to your area and this is just one more way to increase revenue
  • Our publication is dynamic, creating a beautiful layout and experience for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop users.
  • Our publication can be shared through social media, email and text creating a larger local funnel and subscription list with every issue released.